MADD Supports Lowered BAC of .05 idea

May 15, 2013

The National Transportation Safety Board has proposed to lower the blood alcohol content for drivers from .08 to .05 percent.   Mothers Against Drunk Driving supports the proposal. Years ago the legal limit with alcohol in a driver’s breath was .10 percent.  Gabrielle Abbate spokesperson for Rhode Island’s chapter of MADD said they are happy that the spotlight is back on the drunk driving issue.

“We are really concentrating on our own campaign called campaign to eliminate drunk driving which has three components and we’ve been supporting these components since 2006,”said Abbate, “and we really do think that we will be saving a lot more lives.”

Abbate said MADD does not have the data to forecast what the outcome would be of having the legal limit lowered to .05 percent.  

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