Maple Syrup Production up in RI

Mar 4, 2013

Credit Jason Deen /

Maple Syrup production in RI is in full swing says Pete Susi, Deputy Chief of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Division of Agriculture. 

With some tapping their trees as early as January, producers now face a fickle spring as good maple syrup flow requires below freezing nights and warm days.

Despite weather fluctuations production is already up two to three times from last year says says Gibby Fountain a producer, of Sugar Hill Sugarhouse, a farm in Richmond.

"We’re actually doing very very well.  This year we tapped—actually January 8th, which was a month early, and we normally tap the first of February, but the way the weather conditions have been, we decided we wanted to tap earlier, and it certainly worked out well this year."

Though smaller than our northern neighbors, maple syrup production in RI has been steadily growing, with about a dozen producers currently says Fountain.

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