Mass. city working to get unwanted papers off front lawns

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The city of Attleboro, Massachusetts is considering a rule aimed at reducing the clutter from unwanted Providence Journal advertising inserts that have been landing on front yards for several weeks. The city says it has received hundreds of complaints about the inserts encased in orange plastic sleeves.

After trying and failing to ban the advertising inserts because of First Amendment issues, the city of Attleboro is considering a different approach.

Under a rule proposed by Health Department Director James Mooney, the deliverers of unwanted publications would be required to pick them up if the homeowner doesn't within five days.

The fine for failing to do so: $100.

Mooney says the Providence Journal inserts have been clogging storm drains, ruining snow blowers and littering streets.

"People are saying everything from I don't want these things. I want them stopped.' They got in my equipment' or I've called the Projo repeatedly and they still return. They still come back each week,'" says Mooney.

The proposed rule would also require the deliverer to pick up an unwanted paper within 48 hours of receiving a complaint about it.

Providence Journal Director of Operations Jeff Peffer declined comment.

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