Mayor Angel Taveras happy about child


Providence Mayor Angel Taveras is defending his decision to have a child out of wedlock.

At an anti-crime rally in the city's Armory district yesterday (Sunday), Providence Mayor Angel Taveras received congratulations over his imminent fatherhood and got some practice in communicating with one-year-olds.

"How are you?" asks Taveras. "Oh he's happy. He's happy here because he's got a bottle. He's drooling. He's having a good time here."

But not everyone is applauding the Mayor s decision to have a child out of wedlock. Some reader comments published by the Providence Journal have called the move "irresponsible" and have accused him of setting a bad example. To his critics, Taveras has this to say:

"I think a 40 year old who has a degree in law and owns his own home and has taken responsibility for his or her child and has made a firm commitment to be responsible for that child's emotional, physical and financial well being I think that's responsible."

Asked if his child will attend public schools, Taveras, himself a product of the city school system, says, "That will be a decision we'll make in the future but I expect so."

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