Medical marijuana advocates prepared to sue Chafee

PROVIDENCE, RI – Medical marijuana patients and advocates are growing impatient with Governor Chafee's hold on the state's medical marijuana dispensaries. They are now preparing to take legal action against the governor.

It's been more than four months since Governor Chafee halted the state's compassion center program, following a letter from the U.S. Attorney's office warning that the retail stores violate Federal Law. Joanne Leppanen with the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition says patients are tired of waiting.

"Patients have been patient all summer long, waiting for the governor to do the right thing, waiting for him to do his research," she says. "Our patience has been in vain. He has done nothing."

Leppanen says she's working with the Rhode Island ACLU to pursue patients' legal options. Advocates will also rally at the statehouse on Saturday afternoon to emphasize the urgency of opening the compassion centers.

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