Medical Marijuana advocates try new approach

Providence, RI – A small group of medical marijuana advocates are trying a new technique to convince Governor Chafee to license the state's medical marijuana dispensaries. They're following him. The loosely affiliated patients and caregivers have already appeared at three of the Governor's public events.

Organizers say the group of about 15 to 30 advocates formed spontaneously over the weekend in response to Chafee's decision to halt the state's so called compassion centers.

Bill Cotton, a marijuana patient with Multiple Sclerosis, says the goal is to convince Chafee to change his mind. He thinks it could work.

"I think if we keep up the pressure, yeah. I'm hoping," he says. "I'm hoping he has compassion for the patients in this program. He says he does."

So far, the group has confronted Chafee at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, at a Brown University Football game, and at an event at the Pawtuxet River. Cotton says the advocates haven't decided on their next appearance yet.

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