Moderate Party's Ken Block Seeks Governorship Again

May 22, 2013

Moderate Party founder Ken Block has announced that he’ll be a candidate for governor next year. Block calls himself a problem-solver who can move the state forward.

Block thinks he can significantly improve on his showing in 2010, when he got six and a half percent of the vote for governor. He says he’s running because Rhode Island’s problems are abundantly clear.

“But what I haven’t seen is a lot of execution in terms of how to actually address and fix some of those problems. I firmly believe that Rhode Island can be fixed and should be fixed and I’m prepared to run on a platform of doing just that.” 

Block lives in Barrington and owns a software company. He’s focused in recent months on calling for the elimination of straight-ticket voting in Rhode Island. Besides Block, other expected candidates for governor next year include independent Lincoln Chafee, Republican Allan Fung, and Democrats Angel Taveras and Gina Raimondo.