Moderate Party's Ken Block Taking Hard Look at RI Gov Race

May 14, 2013

Rhode Island Moderate Party leader Ken Block is weighing a second run for governor. Block said he will announce in the not-too-distant future whether he’s in the race.

In 2010, Moderate Party founder Ken Block, with virtually no statewide name recognition, garnered 6.5 percent of the vote in the race for governor.  Block is hinting he’s going to make another gubernatorial run in 2014.

“I continue to look at the race very carefully. I believe that there is absolutely a way for someone like me, running from the political middle, to win the race,” said Block. “I’ve been working on my family to make sure that if I was going to enter the race it would be with their full support. Otherwise I couldn’t do it. And I’m also taking a look at what the level of financial support is available out there.”

Block, a Barrington software engineer, spent $400,000 of his own money on the 2010 run.  He said he’s willing to spend more of his personal fortune on a second bid, but he draws the line at being the campaign’s primary financer.

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