More changes at ProJo as Paul Tooher retires

Apr 4, 2013

More changes at the Providence Journal as Paul Tooher, the night managing editor, retires. There is an old newspaper chestnut that every young reporter learns quickly: There is always somebody in the newsroom smarter than you are. The other is if your mother tells you she loves you check it out.

Tooher is one of the newsroom originals, a smart, funny, irreverent fellow who usually knew more than you did and always wanted it checked out. He is well-read and sometimes cranky. But he was a serious student of news and foreign affairs and was also fluent in sports. And he was never shy about expressing his opinions in news meetings, even if his superiors didn’t always want to hear what he had to say.

There was a bit of the old-school in Tooher, one of those newsroom lifers who could flawlessly edit copy while keeping one eye on the CNN screen and the other on NESN for the Red Sox.

Tooher was always good with young reporters and he had forgotten more about politics than most other editors knew. On Politics wishes Paul and his talented wife Nora (a fine former ProJo business reporter) many happy times and some trips to Fenway Park.