(More) Coming attractions from Brendan Doherty

Jun 5, 2012

With the debacle of 38 Studios front and center, the race in the First Congressional District has faded into the background recently. But a bit of Brendan Doherty’s recent messaging merits attention, since we’ll hear a lot more of this as the campaign heats up.

From a recent fundraising pitch:

Are you ready to elect an experienced leader to the U.S. Congress from Rhode Island?

Like you, I believe Rhode Island needs a leader [emphasis in original] . I’ve been leading all my life. It has been just over a year since I announced my candidacy for the United States Congress, challenging first-term Congressman David Cicilline in Rhode Island’s First Congressional District.

Throughout my law enforcement career, I have received extensive and advanced training in leadership and ethics. I have lectured frequently on various topics including Racketeering and Corruption, Organized Crime, and Financial Crimes. My promise to the voters of Rhode Island’s First Congressional District is this: I will serve with honor and integrity, and I will restore ethical behavior to the office.

“An experienced leader.” “Ethical behavior” “Honor and integrity.” All these phrases seem intended as counterpoints to Cicilline and his departure from Providence City Hall.