More Drivers Hitting The Road This July 4th Weekend

Jul 2, 2014

As always Independence Day travel is expected to be heavy. This year will see about 41 million people moving around the country.

That’s about two percent higher than last year’s rate, which may be in part due to the holiday falling on a Friday.

In New England nearly three percent more people are expected to travel. David Raposa of AAA of Southern New England attributes the higher travel rate in New England to one thing: the region’s small size.

“I think traditionally what can happen in New England is you can be to almost any type of vacation environment you can imagine. Whether it’s the lakes the ocean, the mountains,” said Raposa, “where in other parts of the country, 50 miles might just be the space between two exits.”

Most holiday travelers, about eighty percent, will hit the road even as prices at the pump rise.  The average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded in Rhode Island has gone up by a nickel in the past month, and is at $3.75

Raposa said most people tend to make plans far enough in advance that they’ll take a trip unless gas prices shoot up dramatically.

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