More health practices gave unauthorized IUDs to RI patients

Providence, R.I. – OBGYN associates aren't the only Rhode Island doctors who have been implanting non FDA approved intrauterine devices or IUDs in Rhode Island patients. The state health department says a handful of other practices have admitted to doing the same thing.

The health department is not releasing the names of the other practices until they complete an investigation into the extent of their use of the unauthorized IUDs. Anne Marie Beardsworth with the Rhode Island Department of Health says women who are unsure if their devices are FDA approved have a few options.

"Women can always call their provider and ask directly if their product was FDA approved," she said. "If women are not comfortable with that, they should use an alternative form of birth control- either condoms or abstinence."

The health department still doesn't know whether the unapproved devices offer effective birth control. Last week, OBGYN associates admitted to giving unapproved IUDs to more than 400 patients in Rhode Island. The health department has ordered them to stop implanting the devices.