More health problems at Eleanor Slater

Providence, RI – For the second time this week, several employees at the state's mental hospital in Cranston have gone to the hospital with symptoms which may be tied to renovations on the roof of the Regan building.

According to the office of health and human services, several staff at the Eleanor Slater hospital experienced eye and nasal irritation as well as a metallic taste in their mouths this morning.

On Monday, 10 employees went to area hospital after they were exposed to hydrogen sulfide. The gas was released when construction workers disturbed insulation in the roof.

Tests by the Cranston Fire Department and the Department of Environmental management revealed no presence of hydrogen sulfide this time. Other air quality and chemical tests have also come back negative.

The hospital has opened windows and ventilated the parts of the building that were affected. Emergency officials are still monitoring the situation. No patients have shown symptoms so far.

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