More med school grads, but fewer residency slots

Feb 15, 2013

As if getting into medical school weren't competitive enough. Today's and tomorrow's graduates will find it increasingly harder to nab a residency position, unless Congress acts to lift the cap on residency slots it's kept in place for nearly 15 years.

Med students recently gathered on Capitol Hill to ask Congress to preserve and expand graduate medical education funding (mostly for residency slots, which are funded for the most part by Medicare). Many say the cap on positions will not only make it tough for medical school graduates to continue their training; it may make it more difficult for the nation to ensure an adequate supply of doctors, especially in the fields and areas in most need. Part of the issue: some medical schools have seen record enrollment.

Check out this chart from the National Residency Match Program, which shows just how wide the gap will grow between the number of medical school graduates and the number of available residency positions.

Also, Kaiser Health News has a great report on the issue.

Credit National Residency Match Program