Most Civilian Defense Workers Back on the Job in Rhode Island

Oct 7, 2013

Most of the civilian defense workers who were furloughed last week in Rhode Island because of the partial government shutdown are back to work. 

U.S. Senator Jack Reed says the 300 workers furloughed by the Rhode Island National Guard have been brought back.  The same goes for the 800 civilian defense workers who were furloughed at Naval Station Newport. Naval Station spokeswoman Lisa Rama said workers are glad to be back, even though they’re still not getting paid.

“You know we’ve been getting phone calls saying ‘Great. It’s great to have you all back to work. Now we can all get going,’” said Rama. “There’s been a couple of comments about how it was like a ghost town on the base last week. Because a lot of stuff just really did grind to a halt.”

Senator Reed calls the recall good news but said the shutdown has been tremendously disruptive.  The shutdown needs to end, he said, so that every single Rhode Islander can be brought back on the job.

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