Most Landmark bidders anticipate lay-offs

Providence, RI – By MEGAN HALL

A week after five companies made an offer on the financially troubled Landmark medical center in Woonsocket, the hospital is finally releasing the details on who those potential owners are and what they plan to do with the medical center.

The bids come from three companies based out of Tennessee- RegionalCare Hospital Partners, Transition HealthCare, and Capella Healthcare, as well as one company from California named Prime Healthcare Services.

HealthSouth, from Alabama, also submitted a proposal to buy just Landmark's rehabilitation hospital.

The amount the potential owners are willing to pay for Landmark range from one dollar to seven million dollars.

Three of the companies anticipate laying off at least 100 full time employees and as many as 250. Transition Healthcare and Health South did not discuss potential layoffs.

Each bidder will make their case in superior court next week before Judge Michael Silverstein and any other interested parties.

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