Motions To Dismiss Invenergy Power Plant Application Denied & What Lies Ahead

Feb 17, 2017

In the latest Invenergy news, motions to dismiss the company’s Burrillville power plant application were denied by the Energy Facility Siting Board Thursday. The Town of Burrillville and the Conservation Law Foundation filed the motions when the question of who would provide Invenergy with a water supply was still up in the air.

Invenergy found a water source in Johnston before a 90-day extension granted by the board expired. The EFSB cited the new water source as the reason they were denying the motions and moving on with the application process.

Burrillville Town Council President John Pacheco, III said the town did receive some good news in the form of another public hearing scheduled by the board for March. During the hearing, Pacheco said he hopes to receive responses to some of the town’s biggest questions concerning the plant’s daily operations.

“How do you go from using 400,000 gallons of water a day to 40,000? And if you’re going to start trucking water in, how much?” asked Pacheco.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Town of Burrillville announced it is looking to revise the Energy Facility Siting Act. The 30-year-old act gives the board the authority to vote on matters like the Invenergy plant. Currently, the board is made up of three members, all appointed by the governor.

Pacheco makes a case for expanding the board. He said in addition to governor appointees, the board should have members appointed by the House, and temporary members who come in depending on the project.

“Whatever town that the project is proposed in, have a couple of members of that council sit on the siting board for that particular proposal,” said Pacheco.

Pacheco added that the legislation Burrillville drafted and handed to local representatives addresses the number one issue the town takes with the board and the Invenergy project.

“Right now, we really have no voice up there,” said Pacheco.