Narragansett Town Council Meets With Deepwater Wind

Jun 27, 2013

In Narragansett, residents filled the Town Hall Wednesday to hear a question and answer session between the Town Council and the CEO of Deepwater Wind.  The meeting focused on a proposal to run a transmission line, or power cable, underneath Town Beach.

Patience Peck thinks Deepwater Wind can find a better landing spot for the transmission line.
Credit Bradley Campbell / RIPR

Narragansett’s Town Hall was once again the hottest place in town Wednesday night. Both in terms of the passion of the subject matter being discussed, and the actual heat: there’s no air conditioning inside the hall.

Narragansett resident Patience Peck held a sign during the meeting that read, “Down with Deepwater.” She says the project has the potential to spoil the beach.

“The beach is fragile, OK?" she says. "I don’t believe there is any other place for it to go.”

Peck says she is opposed to anything that could harm the beach, a major source of revenue for the town.

The council asked questions to Deepwater Wind’s CEO Jeff Grybowski for over an hour about his company’s proposal to run a wind farm transmission line underneath Town Beach. At the end of Q and A, a visibly tired Grybowski said it was productive. He then shrugged off questions about the fierce opposition in the crowd.

“I’m never going to convince some of those folks who don’t believe in renewable energy. But hopefully the people here in town who just have straightforward questions about: What does it mean for the town? What does the cable mean for the town? What does it mean for the beach? Those are the people who I want to give information to. Those are the people who I think have an open mind about things."

Grybowski told the council that he hoped the decision will be made promptly, no matter the outcome. But members of the Town Council said they haven’t even thought about when to take up his proposal.

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