Navy considering using wind power

Jan 31, 2013

The Naval Station is looking at the possibility of erecting 12 wind turbines on its properties on Aquidneck Island. The Naval Station’s spokeswoman Lisa Rama, says the goal is for the turbines to produce enough electricity to power the base.

"We have quite the electricity bill as you can imagine."
Wind turbines at the Port of Providence
Credit Catherine Welch

“There’s 8,000 people who come to work here everyday. There’s 50 separate commands. So we have quite the electricity bill as you can imagine.”

Rama says the Naval Station’s average electric bill for one year is about $12 million. She adds the station must also obey orders from the Secretary of the Navy to reduce the force’s reliance on fossil fuels. A public meeting on the issue will be held Thursday night from 5 to 8  at the Community College of Rhode Island.

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