Nearly 20K Enroll On RI Exchange As Lawmakers Debate Its Future

Mar 12, 2014

The latest numbers out of the state's health insurance exchange show most residents are enrolling in Medicaid and And many of those who have enrolled in private health insurance are getting financial assistance to help pay for their coverage.


New numbers show nearly 20,000 Rhode Islanders have signed up for insurance on HealthSource RI, the state's insurance exchange. Meanwhile, almost 49,000 have enrolled in a state-paid Medicaid plan. The numbers also show 133 small businesses have enrolled to offer their employees and families coverage through the exchange.


Those 45 and older are the biggest group enrolling on the state's health insurance exchange. When the exchange launched back in October there were an estimated 125,000 Rhode Islanders without health insurance.


Open enrollment ends March 31st, the next window to enroll is in November.