Nearly 50 Million Expected Travel Across The Country This Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 23, 2016

If you’re hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday prepare for some company on the interstate, a lot of it. Nearly 50-million people are expected to travel through the weekend. That’s an uptick of nearly 2 percent in the amount of travelers from last Thanksgiving, according to AAA, and the highest number since 2007. The vast majority will hit the road says AAA Northeast spokesman John Paul

“We’re seeing gas prices that are as low as they’ve been in holiday travel time in quite a while, and it wasn’t that many years ago, we were seeing gas prices that were closing in on four dollars a gallon, and right now we’re seeing some retail gas prices under two dollars a gallon,” said Paul.

That means prepare for some potentially heavy traffic, especially Wednesday and Friday. Snow isn’t expected in Rhode Island this week, but other parts of New England have already seen some flurries, so check regional forecasts.