Nearly 66,000 Names Removed From RI's Voter Rolls Since 2015

Jun 28, 2017

Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea says cities and towns have been cleaning up the state’s voter rolls in between election years. Since 2015, Gorbea says nearly 66,000 names have been taken out of the central voter registration system, after local officials confirmed that the person left the state or passed away.

“We’ve removed 66,000 and then sent notices to another 87,000 who we suspect have just moved away from the address that they’re registered at, and so we just need to have that physical confirmation from them that that is the case,” Gorbea said.

Before the presidential election, an analysis by the Providence Journal found as many as 189,000 more names than expected on the voter rolls.

Gorbea says new online voter registration should help streamline updates to the system. She is also pushing for lawmakers to pass a bill that would automatically update voter information when you go to the DMV.