New Bikeway on Aquidneck Island in the Works

Jul 16, 2013

Progress continues for an 18-mile bike path on Aquidneck Island, which will extend from the new Sakonnet River Bridge in Portsmouth to the Newport beaches. 

Tina Dolen, the Executive Director of the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission, says that ideas for a bikeway began in 2004 when the Commission produced the West Side Master Plan.  She adds that this project will cost them less time and money than another bike project, the Shoreline Bikeway, also in the works. 

Dolen states that this development will be beneficial for everybody.

Not only is it healthy recreation, it prevents further gas emissions, provides an alternative means of transportation and commuting; but, it’s exciting!  You can ride along, shop, go out to lunch, talk to someone along the way.  And it will be a tremendous economic benefit to Aquidneck Island because people will flock here.

This development is currently funded by a $75 thousand grant from The van Beuren Charitable Foundation.