New Bill Proposes, Yet Again, Plastic Bag Ban In Rhode Island

Feb 6, 2015

A new bill introduced at the general assembly could ban the use of plastic bags across the state.  It’s the latest attempt to ban plastic bags in the last several years.

New Legislation introduced by Rep. Gregg Amore could phase out the use of plastic bags in the state.

The bill would gradually phase out the use of plastic bags over the course of two years at retail stores such as grocery, and convenience stores.  Over the past three years similar bills have some received public support, but failed in the General Assembly.  

The bill’s sponsor, democratic representative Gregg Amore said, Rhode Island has a real interest in curbing the pollution associated with plastic bags. “I think people realize that we need to preserve our greatest asset, which is the Narragansett Bay, and our coastline.  And I think they know that eventually these bags get into the food chain, and they threaten the biggest economic driver we have.”

The town of Barrington already has an ordinance banning plastic bags.

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