New Cicilline spot links Doherty with Romney

Sep 25, 2012

A new commercial by Congressman David Cicilline’s campaign continues the Democrat’s theme of linking his Republican opponent, in his own words, with other members of the GOP (Mitt Romney in this case).

According to Cicilline’s campaign:

In January 2012, Doherty formally endorsed Romney for President in January 2012, describing him as a “proven leader.”  In the same month, Doherty traveled to New Hampshire to campaign for Romney and was later introduced to the Republican presidential nominee by former Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri.

The ad also outlines areas where Romney and Doherty agree on policy – including their support for repealing President Obama’s historic health care reform law, as well as their mutual opposition to reproductive freedoms for women and the Buffett Rule that would require millionaires to pay at least the same tax rate as the middle class.

Doherty has highlighted his law enforcement background while attacking Cicilline’s trustworthiness.

UPDATE 2:26 pm:

Doherty’s campaign has released a statement in response to Cicilline’s commercial:

Brendan sees possible advantages for Rhode Island with Mitt Romney. “He has a unique connection to Rhode Island.  He was governor of the state next door and he understands challenges facing the Northeast. Who wouldn’t want to have a leader in the White House who has both an understanding of–and a loyalty to–the region where he lives and where he governed successfully?  In Congress, Brendan Doherty will be in a tremendous position to be effective for Rhode Island, in contrast to Congressman Cicilline, who has failed in that regard.”

Doherty Campaign Manager, Ian Prior, sees the latest commercial as part of a larger and continuing pattern. “Again, Mr. Cicilline is misleading voters in an effort to steal another election through deception. Brendan has stated and re-stated clearly that, among other things:

He will support aspects of Obamacare, including closing the so-called ‘donut hole’ in prescription drug coverage for seniors.

With respect to the ‘Buffett Rule,’ Brendan has consistently and clearly expressed support for the Simpson-Bowles Commission’s plan.  Under that plan, billionaires such as Warren Buffett would pay a higher effective tax rate as a result of fair, comprehensive tax reform that does not hurt small business.  And Rhode Islanders should know this same bi-partisan plan that Brendan Doherty embraces is supported by Republicans and Democrats, including former Democrat President, Bill Clinton,” concluded Prior.