New council meets in Central Falls

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The newly empaneled Central Falls Receivers' Council had its first meeting last night. The council was appointed last week after four of the five elected city councilors were fired by Receiver Mark Pfeiffer.

At its inaugural meeting the Central Falls receiver's advisory council passed a resolution opposing the siting of any medical marijuana compassion center in the state's smallest city. None has been proposed. It's a pre-emptive move says City Councilor Edna Poulin.

"The residents of the city of Central Falls have indicated they do not want that in their community," Poulin says. "I think we should listen to what the people in the community are saying and that's why I would be opposed to it."

The council did not sit at the wood paneled desk normally used by the former city council. Instead they conducted business behind a white plastic table.

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