New England Volunteers Contribute To Hurricane Irma Relief

Sep 12, 2017

National Grid is helping utility companies in the Southeast restore power after Hurricane Irma left millions without electricity.

The team of 300 employees and 100 vehicles traveled from Rhode Island to Florida and North Carolina on Tuesday. Dean Seavers, president of National Grid US, said power restoration will be a big job.

“With nearly six million Floridians without power this morning [Monday], we know the task ahead will not be easy,” Seavers said in a statement. “The complexity of power restoration after a catastrophic storm requires significant logistical expertise, along with skilled line workers and specialized equipment.”

The National Grid team will work helping Duke Energy and Tampa Electric rebuild as part of the electrical industry’s mutual assistance program. Through this network, utility companies can request help from nearby companies to fix major power outages more quickly.   

National Grid employees are some of the many New Englanders who’ve stepped up to help in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The American Red Cross saw a spike in volunteers since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. The organization held additional Rapid Response trainings in Cranston that prepared 50 new volunteers for work in Florida and Texas.

The volunteers joined Rhode Island and Massachusetts National Guardsmen deployed on Monday to assist with relief efforts in Florida.