New Girls Scouts of Rhode Island Headquarters to Open in Warwick

Jun 24, 2013

The CEO of the Girl Scouts of America will be in Warwick Thursday to help the local council celebrate the opening of its new headquarters.  It will provide more than just office space.

The new Girl Scouts of Rhode Island headquarters will focus on leadership training.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

The sign on the Charles Street building in Providence still says “Girl Scouts of Rhode Island” but they haven’t been there in weeks. The organization has moved to the old Ski Mart building on Greenwich Avenue in Warwick. Jean McGrane, CEO of the Rhode Island council of the Girl Scouts, said it gives them twice as much space as they had in Providence.

"Like night and day. For those who knew the old Ski Mart building, it’s been a total transformation. So where you had a clothes environment with very little light now you have lots of light, lots of air, lots of energy that helps support what I call creativity," said McGrane.

The organization plans to dedicate half of its new space to a Leadership Institute for girls. Research done by the Girl Scouts shows that 61 percent of girls are either deeply ambivalent about leadership or say it’s not important to them at all.

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