New Plan Proposes Extensive Additions To City's Bikeways

Nov 5, 2013

Providence rolled out a new bike plan for the capital city.

Bike Providence is an extensive, proposed plan to create safer, more accessible bike routes throughout the city. Providence already has some bike lanes, and shared roads for cyclists; and so much of the new plan proposes connecting them to create a more cohesive system.

This will make the biking safer said Sheila Dormody, the director of sustainability for the city of Providence. “Putting bicyclists on the busiest streets is a little intimidating for many bicyclists, so with this plan we’re looking at how we can more comfortably navigate the city,” said Dormody.

The plan calls for steering cyclists to less busy streets with lower speed limits. It also suggests adding bike lanes to newly paved streets across the city, and adding more bike parking at the Amtrak station.

You can read the full Bike Providence plan here.

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