New Policy Would Crack Down On Prostitution In Providence

Nov 6, 2013

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras wants to use a one-strike policy to close strip clubs that permit a single instance of prostitution or hiring underage strippers.  This comes after police found that a 14-year-old girl working at Cheaters was soliciting for sex at the club.

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras' wants to implement a one strike policy closing strip clubs that have a single instance of prostitution.
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

Taveras’ spokesman, David Ortiz, says the mayor was disappointed by how the Providence Board of Licenses recently fined Cheaters 5000 dollars and suspended its license for 45 days. Ortiz said Taveras supports using any permissible legal means to keep Cheaters closed.

As a result, the city is drafting an ordinance calling for the revocation of the license of any adult entertainment venue that employs underage workers or permits a single act of prostitution. Ortiz said Taveras also wants to ban strip clubs from having private booths and separate rooms that might be used for prostitution.

In related news, City Council Majority Leader Seth Yurdin wants to revoke the compensation received by Providence License Board members. Members get just under 20-thousand dollars a year for serving on the board, while the chairman gets just under 27-thousand dollars.

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