New Program Helps Elderly Deal With Climate Change

Jul 21, 2014

A program designed to help Rhode Island's older adult population prepare for climate change threats is one of several projects that will receive federal money as part of the state's disaster recovery action plan.  This program will receive $150,000 over the next two years.

The Rhode Island Department of Health Climate Change Program has identified that older adults in the state are some of the most vulnerable to climate change impacts, such as extreme heat and weather disasters. So it has partnered with a number of groups to develop emergency preparedness plans for long-term care facilities, senior housing complexes, and older adults living independently.

Julia Gold, the health department's climate change program manager, said the agency and its partners will develop these plans during a pilot project to kick off this fall in Washington County.

"The goal is that the tools that are developed from this grant will then be accessible and usable by elderly housing facilities over the state," said Gold.

The grant to support this program comes from federal money designed to help long-term recovery efforts related to Hurricane Sandy.

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