New proposal unveiled for redrawing state congressional lines

Providence, RI – The state's redistricting consultant unveiled a new proposal last night for redrawing Rhode Island's congressional districts. The consultant Kimball Brace said he was responding to criticism that an earlier plan offered an excessive advantage to Congressman David Cicilline.

The latest proposal would shift one town - Burrillville - instead of three, from the first congressional district to the second district. The concept, known as Plan F, would also keep slightly less than half of Providence's population in the second district. Brace said almost 93 percent of voters would stay in their current congressional district under Plan F.

"The vast majority of the public would be voting the same way, for the same contest, as they are now," said Brace.

The state redistricting commission is due to vote Monday on its recommendations to the General Assembly. Co-chairman Michael McCaffrey says the panel plans to vote on the latest versions of redistricting proposals. But he says panel members can move to vote for earlier versions.

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