New State Board of Ed Nearing Completion

Feb 28, 2013

The Senate Education Committee Wednesday approved the last of 11 members for a new state board overseeing K through 12 and higher education.

Karin Forbes of North Kingstown was a member of the former state Board overseeing elementary and secondary education. She’s also served as a local school committee member.  Forbes was touted as a strong advocate for education.

The full Senate has confirmed 4 of the 11 members of the new statewide education board. The remaining seven are expected to be taken up by the Senate next Tuesday.

Senate Education chairwoman Hanna Gallo says the newly merged state board of education may hold its first meeting within a few weeks.

Critics still question whether merging state boards overseeing K through 12 and higher education is a good idea. Supporters say the stakes are too high for the concept not to work.

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