Newport city council to vote on Queen Anne Square redesign

PROVIDENCE, RI – The controversy over a proposed redesign of Queen Anne Square in Newport is coming to a head this evening. The city council is scheduled to vote on the proposal tonight.

At 6:30 pm tonight, Newport's city council members will decide if the park in downtown Newport will stay the way it is or undergo a transformation designed by architect Maya Lin.

The Newport Restoration Foundation initiated the redesign and plans to pay for the entire project. It involves installing three rectangular stone foundations as tall as a chair and in some cases as big as a two car garage. Supporters say the changes add much needed sitting space and vitality to the park. Opponents say the redesign desecrates the memory of the park's creator- the famed tobacco Heiress Dorris Duke.

But whatever the city council decides tonight, the controversy might not be over. Opponents of the design say they may sue the city if the plan is approved.

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