Newport Historical Society Investing In City's Revolutionary Past

May 12, 2014

The Newport Historical Society is working to attract more visitors by drawing more attention to the city’s revolutionary history. Historical Society director Ruth Taylor says they plan to revamp the historic Wanton-Lymon-Hazard house into a museum that brings Newport’s role in the American Revolution to life. Right now, said Taylor, places like Boston and Concord corner the revolutionary tourist market.

The Wanton Lyman Hazard house in Newport.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

“They’re eating our lunch because really important things from the same period happened here. And it’s just less well known," said Taylor.

She added that visitors wanted more than the traditional colonial furnishings, the run-of-the-mill rope beds and chamber pots.

“One of the things we discovered was that our visitors are really intensely interested in the American revolution. While we do have a small museum of Newport history that does talk about the revolution, folks were interested in a lot more detail, and we started thinking about how we could provide that,” said Taylor.

The Wanton-Lymon-Hazard house is expected to  reopen in late summer of 2015.

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