Newport Jazz Festival Adds Extra Day

Dec 5, 2013

The Newport Jazz Festival will be a little longer next year.

The 2013 Newport Jazz Festival at Fort Adams state park
Credit Aaron Read / RIPR

The Newport Jazz Festival, which has been a two-day event for decades, is adding a third day for its 60th anniversary next year.  The bonus day will be Friday, August 1st    and will feature new and emerging artists. The extra day was made possible by a 40-thousand dollar grant from the Rhode Island Foundation. Neil Steinberg is CEO of the Foundation.

"Expanding the programming to include this rising talent as well as working with local and regional artists and schools is in keeping with our goals to make the arts experience as accessible and as broad as possible,” said Steinberg.

Festival founder and organizer George Wein thanked the Foundation with these words:

"When the Rhode Island Foundation came in to become the primary supporter of this particular endeavor we have, this was like somebody giving us a gift from heaven I want you to know that, what it means to us," said Wein.

The 2014 festival will begin  Friday, August 1st at Fort Adams State Park. Tickets for the bonus day will be priced less than for the rest of the weekend.

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