Newport Teachers Work To Make The City More Bike-Friendly

Sep 1, 2015

Students in Newport will learn tips during the new school year on how to stay out of harm’s way when they walk and bike to school.

Newport has earned the unfortunate distinction of dangerous roadways for cyclists and pedestrians. It’s one of two cities in Rhode Island with the highest number of road injuries and fatalities, according to Bari Freeman, the executive director of Bike Newport. The organization is overseeing a new bicycle safety program that teaches kids to be aware of other people on the road and follow the traffic rules.

“So this fall, we’re actually going to begin to bring this into the schools in the K to 12 curriculum; and this is a curriculum that’s yet-to-be-determined by the teachers,” said Freeman.

Freeman said teachers will receive special training on issues like safety and awareness.

“As the students are more advanced, they need to understand what it means to be a part of the traffic on the road, since especially here in Newport and on Aquidneck Island we don’t have any bike paths,” said Freeman. “You have to be able to function as a vehicle.”

Freeman says the Bike Newport initiative is aimed at building on the city’s efforts to be more bike-and pedestrian-friendly.

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