Next Up: Morning Rounds and the Changing Face of Residency

Nov 13, 2012

Coming up next in Future Docs, meet third-year surgical resident Anne Kuritzky. This Thursday on Morning Edition on Rhode Island Public Radio, join Anne on her morning surgical rounds, and then join me right after for a brief discussion about what’s changing for residency programs and how that affects patients and doctors.

Anne Kuritzky presenting a patient to her attending on morning rounds in the SICU.

Here’s a preview: just a couple of years ago, Anne was an intern – a first year resident. Back then, she was allowed to be the only doctor on duty, on the floor, overnight. Today, that isn’t allowed any more. Also, the number of hours she can work were recently limited to 80 a week (still sounds like a lot, right?). And morning rounds aren’t just for attending physicians and residents anymore; they’re multidisciplinary. That means a pharmacist might be discussing your plan of care with the attending, too – a sight you might not have seen on the wards just 10 years ago.

And next up, we’ll check in with second-year medical students Sarah Rapoport and Peter Kaminski. They’ve just wrapped up a section on the human reproductive system (yes, there were jokes), and now they’re looking ahead to a holiday season that includes hitting the books as much as the cranberry sauce.