No Charges for PC Players Accused of Sexual Assault

Jul 17, 2014

Rhode Island's Attorney General has concluded an investigation into allegations of sexual assault against two Providence College basketball players. Neither player will face criminal charges.

The grand jury found insufficient evidence against Rodney Bullock, who remains a student at PC, and Brandon Austin, who has left the school.

The players were accused of sexually assaulting a female student in November 2013. The allegations resulted in a suspension of play for both players this past season and a campus disciplinary hearing.

PC found evidence of misconduct against Brandon Austin, but a college spokesman cautioned against assuming he was guilty of assault.

"I would recommend against drawing any conclusions that our (on-campus) process ended with a finding that our student-athlete was found responsible for sexual assault," Spokesman Steve Maurano said in March.

The student who accused the players of sexual assault later filed a complaint with the Providence Police Department.

While Bullock remained at PC, Brandon Austin left for Oregon, where he was recruited by the basketball team. After arriving on campus, he was again accused of rape, in an incident involving several Oregon players. Police found insufficient evidence to pursue charges, but the players were dismissed from the university.

Austin is apparently still pursing a college basketball career. According to JucoJunction, he was close to a deal to play for Hutchinson Community College in Kansas.