No heat records broken in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, RI – Thanks to some cloud cover it doesn't look like Rhode Island broke any warm weather records Thursday. But that doesn't mean it isn't uncomfortably warm.

High humidity coupled with a temperature in the mid 80's had people staying close to air conditioners. Nick Rezendes is looking forward to cooler weather this week-end.

"I really hope it comes to an end soon. I'm looking forward to this cold, rainy week-end because it's tough to sit outside," says Rezendes. "You can't really enjoy Providence in all its beauty because you have to sit inside."

John Freitas, interviewed in downtown Providence, was dreaming of winter. "I can always put clothes on but I can only take so many off without offending somebody," he says.

For the record, the high temperature for June 9th is 97 degrees. The record was set in 2008.

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