No plastic, just paper, at the Shaw's in Barrington

PROVIDENCE, RI – Shaw's supermarket says it will ban plastic bags from its Barrington store. The group Environment RI applauds the move, which comes as the town debates whether to enact an ordinance banning plastic bags. Scores of residents have come out to support the ban.

Outside the Shaw's in Barrington, Liz Cantor says her support of the ban is centered on environmental concerns.

"I feel strongly that whatever is best for the environment should be done," says Cantor. "And I don't know the science enough to be able to have an opinion but I trust the experts to tell me what's best."

The industry, along with critics of the bag ban, say reducing the supply of plastic bags will do little for the environment and just give customers fewer choices. The proposed ordinance would also allow stores to charge up to a dime for paper bags.

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