No. Providence Police Have New Cars Thanks to Google

Feb 21, 2013

North Providence police officers will soon be riding in style. The town is completely replacing its fleet of cruisers.  RIPR’s Flo Jonic tells us how they’re paying for it.

The town of North Providence is poised to buy 32 new police vehicles with proceeds it earned through the successful prosecution  of Google.  Google agreed to pay a $500 million fine for marketing illegal Canadian prescription drugs to Americans.  As one of the Rhode Island investigating agencies, North Providence earned 60 million dollars of the settlement.

North Providence police chief Paul Martellini says the existing fleet of cruisers is on its last legs. "The majority of our front line vehicles appear to have mileage over 100,000.  Some approaching 100,000 so we thought it would be prudent to purchase new front line vehicles in addition to exploring the option of purchasing additional vehicles for our detective and administrative fleet."

Martellini says one million dollars will be used to buy and equip 32 sedans and SUVs.
"Most of our vehicles are in deplorable shape. I talked to the automotive repair division. These cars they were "getting tired" as the term they used in describing the vehicles."

The department plans to buy Dodge Chargers and Ford Explorers.  The officers find the Dodge to be a little roomier than the Chevy Caprice they’ve been using.

This is the second chunk of Google money North Providence has used. Last year it spent 20 million dollars shoring up its police pension fund.

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