No State Budget Approved in the House of Reps

Jun 26, 2013

In a development unheard of in recent history, the Rhode Island House of Representations ended a 10-hour budget session Wednesday without approving a spending plan. The budget remains 13 million dollars out of balance due to a rare defeat for House leaders.

House Speaker Gordon Fox (right) confers with Finance chairman Helio Melo and Whip Stephen Ucci at the House of Representatives 2014 budget session.
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

On a 39 to 36 vote margin, state reps rejected a move to use 13 million dollars in leftover surplus money to close a hole in the state budget. Some lawmakers said the surplus should go as intended into the state pension fund.  House Speaker Gordon Fox declined to specify a fix for the budget as he fled from reporters on the way back to his office.

"What are your thoughts on how this budget hole can be closed?"

"It’s an interesting debate. We’ll see," said Fox

House Republican leader Brian Newberry says he expect Fox’s leadership team to try to convince more reps to support diverting the surplus money for the budget. The House is set to resume its budget deliberations at 2pm Wednesday.

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