NOAA Awards Coastal Resiliency Grant To CRMC

Jul 17, 2014

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded nearly $200,000 to Rhode Island to make the state’s coastline more resilient to future storms and rising sea levels. 

Credit RIPR File Photo

The money will go to the Rhode Island Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan, or Beach SAMP for short. That’s an ongoing project to identify areas at high risk to coastal erosion, storm surge, and sea level rise.  That way local municipalities, homeowners, and businesses have the information they need to protect their properties and natural resources.

The Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council has developed the Beach SAMP in partnership with the University of Rhode Island and other stakeholders. The NOAA grant will help the program expand its current scope beyond the state’s southern coast to other coastal communities.

The grant is one of several climate preparedness initiatives recently announced by the Obama Administration.