NOAA official talks with kids and welcomes ship

PROVIDENCE. RI – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's undersecretary will be in Rhode Island Monday talking with students about pursuing a career in science. Jane Lubchenco says getting the students at Roger Williams Middle School interested in science is vital to the country's economic competitiveness.

"Science opens doors for students," says Lubchenco. "We know that kids that have science degrees and working science jobs have higher earnings."

During her visit, Lubchenco will also head down to Quonset to celebrate the homecoming of the NOAA ship the Okeanos Explorer, which will make Quonset its home port. Lubchenco says it's the only government vessel dedicated exclusively to ocean exploration.

"And it has some amazing technology to provide images to map the sea floor, to send a remotely operated vehicle into the deep, deep ocean," she says. "To explore things no one has ever seen go places no one has ever been."

NOAA says the 224-foot high ship also can send live images to researchers on land through the internet.

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