NY Times to use crossword puzzles created by Brown students

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – This week's New York Times will feature six crossword puzzles by students from Brown University. The school has an active puzzling club, and its students have had more puzzles published by the Times than those of any other University, according to New York Times Crossword Puzzle Editor Will Shortz.

Four Brown students have already had crosswords published by the New York Times and two more make their debut this week. Shortz says the week of Brown puzzles was inspired by his intern, Brown student Natan Last.

"He was one of the youngest New York Times crossword contributors ever," Shortz says. "He had a puzzle in the times when he was 16 years old while he was still a high school student in Brooklyn."

Brown's puzzling club has roughly 25 members who meet on a weekly basis. Shortz says it's one of five college puzzle clubs he knows of around the country. As far as what this week's puzzles hold in store, Shortz says they are well-rounded, and they reflect the interests of the students:

"I don't want to give too much away," Shortz says. "But Lady Gaga is an answer in one puzzle this coming week."