Occupy Providence enters third day

PROVIDENCE, RI – "Occupy Providence" is now in its third day. About 100 people are camped out at Burnside Park in the heart of the capital city. The "occupiers" range in age from their teens to their 60's but share a common concern about the direction of the United States.

Dailen Williams is an engineering student at the Community College of Rhode Island. But he's grown up in poverty, as the son of a single mom. He's participating in Occupy Providence because of what he calls the feudal nature of the American economic model.

"She works hours and hours on end," he says. "Despite all of her effort people who work a quarter of the time she does make thousands upon thousands upon thousands more."

Williams was sitting on a blanket next to 17-year-old Alex Cornford. A student at Classical High School, Cornford says he's been looking for a part time job for two years.

"My parents talk all the time about how when they were kids they had jobs," he says. "And I would love to have one. It's not that I'm not looking for one. It's just that they have to give them to people who have degrees who can't find one anywhere else."

Despite the presence of about 30 tents and roughly 100 people, Burnside Park remains in relatively good shape.

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