Officials take legal action over alleged corruption at landfill

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The corporation that owns Rhode Island's main landfill has accused a Warwick developer of a ``$20 million blunder'' by constructing a tipping facility that was unnecessary and is now scheduled for demolition.

The suit by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation says the tipping station, designed and managed by Ahlborg Construction Corporation was an example of gross mismanagement and fraud.

he suit says there was no need for a tipping facility, or transfer station, at the landfill but that the project was nonetheless unanimously approved. The project has since been plagued by cost overruns.

Gregg Perry, a spokesman for the company's president Eric Ahlborg, says the firm submitted a qualified bid and followed the terms of a detailed contract.

The Resource Recovery Corporation owns and operates the Central Landfill in Johnston.