Oldest shopping mall in Providence evolves into microlofts

Feb 18, 2013

Work on the Providence Arcade is in the final stretch.   Building owner Evan Granoff says the job of rehabilitating the old shopping mall is 80 percent complete and it should be ready for occupancy sometime this spring.

The Arcade in an undated photo
Credit courtesy of ArcadeProvidence.com

The Arcade , built in 1828 , is thought to be the oldest indoor shopping mall in the country. It’s being converted to a mix of shops on the ground floor and small apartments on the upper floors.  

Granoff says he’s got a waiting list but declined to say how many names are on it. "Units start at $550 a month. There’s 38 microlofts that will be priced under $1,000 and then there’ll be ten larger units,  not that large, ranging in size from 500 to 700 square feet, that will be priced over $1,000."

Granoff says the microlofts will come completely furnished. "Yeah, everything’s built in. They come with built-in furniture. They come with a bed. They come with a TV, microwave, refrigerator. You just basically move into the unit. Bring your clothing."

One thing they don’t come with is a stove.  Stoves will not be allowed.

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