One Square Mile: Directions to the Forum on Sat. Sept.8th

PROVIDENCE, RI – Join us for a forum about research into tick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease and Babesiosis, hosted by RIPR's Kristin Gourlay. It's at Smugglers Cove (next to Payne's Killer Donuts) on Saturday September 8th from 1-2pm.

Since there are no addresses on the island, here's a handy map that shows the path from the ferry docks to Smugglers Cove. It's about a 15 or 20 minute walk. You'll pass the WCRI/WJZS radio tower on your left. We'll have signs and banners on the building to help identify it, but if you go to Payne's Killer Donuts, you'll see an order window. To your left is a door at the end of the porch - that's the entrance to Smugglers Cove. More stories from One Square Mile: Block Island.